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Posted: 02/12/2015
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Happy Thursday!

- Stephanie, Fearless Fourteen
Posted: 02/12/2015
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"I'll hire you for the night. You can be my bodyguard." - Ranger, Notorious Nineteen
Posted: 07/31/2013
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"Yeah, I get that a lot. I cause stupor in women." - Ranger, Hot Six
Posted: 03/18/2013
Grandma Mazur
"I always thought I'd make a good detective, on account of I'm so nosy." - Grandma Mazur, Hard Eight
Posted: 03/31/2013
A little Easter dieting advice from Lula. Doesn't matter if it comes from a chicken, or a chocolate factory. An egg is an egg.
"I had a egg. Let's see what an egg's gonna cost me. Two points." -- Lula, To the Nines
Posted: 03/31/2013

"You could probably use the help of a plus-size woman like me." - Lula, Seven Up
Posted: 03/18/2013

Car sense
"I can't be cool in that car. And I don't ride in no uncool car. I got a reputation at stake." - Lula, Four to Score
Posted: 03/15/2013

She has the cure
"I need mood music. I gotta get myself ready to kick butt." - Lula, High Five
Posted: 03/08/2013

On friendship
"Trade my Firebird for that whale you drive? I don't think so. Friendship don't go that far." - Lula, High Five
Posted: 03/08/2013
the Gift of Vinnie
"It's come to a sad state of affairs when I'm the normal member of this family." - Vincent Plum, To the Nines
Posted: 03/22/2013
the Gift of Rex
"Rex rushed out of his soup can, shoved the pizza into his cheek pouch, and scurried back to the can. Quality pet time." - To the Nines
Posted: 03/15/2013
the Gift of Bob!
"I was bringing you fried chicken, but Bob knocked me down and took the bag of food." - Stephanie, Notorious Nineteen
Posted: 03/15/2013
Helpful shopping tip
"Shop & Bag was having a two-for-one sale on cans without labels." - Mooner, Seven Up
Posted: 03/15/2013